What I Do

Content Writing, Article and Blog Writing, SEO Writing, Guest-blogging, Content and Affiliate Marketing.

Hello, I'm Luqman Lawal

About Me

I'm not just a certified content aficionado, I'm a dynamic force in the world of writing, blogging, and SEO. With a flair for imaginative storytelling and a tenacious commitment to results, I'm not your average writer—I'm a problem-solving content maestro.

In the realm of content and affiliate marketing, I've honed my skills to be more than just a writer; I'm a strategic architect crafting narratives that attract, engage, and delight audiences. Picture me not just as a team player but as a multitasking virtuoso who thrives in effective team management, always ready to contribute my unique skills to the growth and development of our shared goals.

For me, content writing and marketing are not just professions; they're dynamic tools to solve problems. Every blog post, every piece of content is a solution tailored to captivate and provide value. I see challenges as opportunities to showcase my prowess in creating high-quality content that not only resonates with audiences but also generates leads for my company's website.

In a nutshell, I'm not just a writer; I'm a problem-solving, imaginative, and results-driven storyteller. Let's transform challenges into triumphs and create a narrative that goes beyond words—it becomes an experience.

Cheers to the power of words and the magic of storytelling!

I look forward to working with you, and contributing to the company's desired goals, and producing the best of well-researched content to the public, particularly, the targeted audience.


Best regards


What do you charge?

I charge my clients on a per hour basis. However, I am open for work and get paid on a monthly term.

Where are you based?

I am based in Nigeria.

What is my work environment like?

I work remotely, and I am very much comfortable doing that, having had all the needed equipment to be productive, and can communicate easily with my fellow co-workers via Slack.